teenage lust

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With pen (colour added in SAI)



Because of you, in gardens of blossoming
Flowers I ache from the perfumes of spring.
I have forgotten your face, I no longer
Remember your hands; how did your lips
Feel on mine?

Because of you, I love the white statues
Drowsing in the parks, the white statues that
Have neither voice nor sight.

I have forgotten your voice, your happy voice;
I have forgotten your eyes.

Like a flower to its perfume, I am bound to
My vague memory of you. I live with pain
That is like a wound; if you touch me, you will
Make to me an irreperable harm.

Your caresses enfold me, like climbing
Vines on melancholy walls.

I have forgotten your love, yet I seem to
Glimpse you in every window.

Because of you, the heady perfumes of
Summer pain me; because of you, I again
Seek out the signs that precipitate desires:
Shooting stars, falling objects.


- Pablo Neruda (via kushandwizdom)

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."

- Anne Frank (via kushandwizdom)


Bottle Brush Trees
Jian Chong Min

Edward Gooch. Auguste Rodin. 1900. 
Rodin in the garden of his villa at Meudon, near Paris. Behind him is the original plaster statue of ‘The Creation of Man’.

Words of Emotion

Oksana Veber

"I don’t need a boyfriend. I need someone who cares about me. Someone that will make me happy. Somebody that will stand by my side no matter what. To be honest I just really need someone right now."

- (via bxchyvibez)

(via abxgxvl)


Kissing.. Everywhere, anywhere, simply because you can.